IDC Health Insights has outlined its predictions for the new year, setting out trend and themes that company leaders in the healthcare sector should bear in mind during 2014.

The top 10 predictions are:

* New business models drive at least 50% of healthcare IT growth;

* Value-based healthcare moves care delivery from the four-walls to the community;

* The need for agility on-demand turns IT organisations inside out;

* Service providers become the gatekeeper for the 3rd Platform;

* HCOs focus on extracting more value from information;

* Consumer analytics programmes fail without strong data governance investments;

* First-generation EHRs will fail;

* Platform underinvestment in BC/DR and security drives providers to the cloud;

* Healthcare providers accelerate adoption of operations management industrial best practices; and

* Compliance will cost more than you think.

“Healthcare organisations are being asked to change at record speed. The way they deliver care to patients, the way they are paid, and the way they own and operate IT are all changing in response to healthcare reform and the emergence of accountable care,” says Scott Lundstrom, group VP at IDC Health Insights.

“To survive, health organisations need to become agile businesses that delivery high quality patient outcomes at a reduced cost. IT will play a key role in delivering these improvements.”