IT professionals in Gauteng can expect to earn about 11% more than the national average.

This is one of the findings from CareerJunction’s latest South African Salary Review, which uses actual data based on the salaries as advertised by recruiters and employers, to give a true representation of salaries in South Africa.

Findings are based on the latest salary offerings (final quarter of 2013 and January 2014) collected from CareerJunction’s Web site, which currently serves more than 2 000 recruiters advertising an average of 25 000 jobs every month.

The survey found that the second-best province for IT professionals to work is the Western Cape, where salaries are between 5% and 8% lower than average, followed by KwaZulu-Natal with salaries 2% to 10% lower than average.

The industry appears to still be overwhelmingly male, with 74% of job applications being men, compared to 26% women.

Positions in software development range from R25 612 to R34 509 for skilled employees, and from R33 316 to R44 371 for senior positions.

In technical and business architecture jobs, salaries for skilled staff go from R31 380 to R38 596, and from R43 580 to R56 551 for senior people.

Skilled business analysts will earn between R30 018 and R37 823, with senior analysts earning from R40 575 to R49 141.

Salaries in systems analysis for skilled staff range from R28 583 to R36 767, with senior positions attracting R36 289 to R43 656.

Database design, development and administration pays skilled staff between R26 488 and R32 967, with senior staff earning from R33 092 to R40 388.

A starting salary of R22 369 for skilled systems and network administrators rises to R26 967, or ranges from R24 847 to R32 909 for senior administrators.

UX and GUI designers in skilled positions can earn from R22 800 to R32 480, with senior positions paying from R29 813 to R35 778.

Skilled IT project administration and management people can earn between R24 806 and R36 147, with senior people getting R31 833 to R41 289.

Salaries between R26 486 and R32 732 are on offer for skilled data analysis and data warehousing staff, with those in senior position offered from R35 727 to R41 912.

IT management pays R28 33 to R37 254 for skilled candidates, and from R37 843 to R47 394 for senior staff members.