iLearn, a leading national specialist provider of onsite instructor-led and online eLearning training methodologies, proudly introduces UpsideLMS to the domestic market. UpsideLMS is a multi-award winning Learning Management System that helps organisations effectively manage blended learning.

The System rivals competitor offerings in the market because its multi-tenant architecture is designed to be flexible and scalable and supports the changing needs of an expanding business or organisation.

The technology allows users to manage multiple clients or departments from the same setup. UpsideLMS incorporates Site manager, admin manager and a Learner Profile which enables the hosting of several clients/ partners
simultaneously. Each entity can be configured to have its own identity and access.

It is highly configurable and can be set up for a user base of any size. Users have the option to engage a limited number of features or take advantage of over 160 available features.

“The focus is on achieving balance and efficiency as far as learning is concerned,” explains Richard Rayne, MD at iLearn.

“This system can be used to create a comprehensive training program with eLearning, classroom based training and virtual classroom modules based on learner profiles and locations, context of the training and core business objectives.”

Rayne says there are few learning management systems available that can meet the growing demand for a blended and versatile approach to training and education and is backed by an award winning team.

“In considering this system and its availability to our market, we took into account the various modules available and that these could be used individually depending on user requirements. For example, the social networking module
was integrated as a functional tool to take learning beyond the traditional parameter,” Rayne continues.

As a recognised leader in eLearning, iLearn subscribe to- and adopt only the most effective support systems for this function.

The value-add in these systems lies in their compliance with international standards and the integration of assessment components to be able to accurately measure performance of learners.

“UpsideLMS allows the user to generate eLearning courses that are compliant with SCORM or Sharable Content Object Reference Model. This is a collection of standards and specifications for Web-based eLearning and reflects the
maturity and global standing of this offering,” Rayne adds.