Microsoft’s Xbox One will be launched in South Africa in September 2014. This was confirmed yesterday by distributor Westcon-Comztek.

Touted as more than just a gaming console, the Xbox One promoted by Microsoft as the ultimate all-in-one entertainment system built for the 21st century living room. Its array of features extend more than just gaming, and include music, live TV, movies, sports, apps and Skype.

“The Xbox One replaces not only the old console, but the old media centre as well, providing a single point of entertainment and communications for the family,” says Heinz Stephan, business practice director at Comztek Consumer Solutions.

“With its launch, we could clearly see that the Xbox One is staking its claim on not just a portion of the living room, but all of it.”

The Xbox One boasts an HDMI input so that one can plug in a set top box. This will allow users to watch satellite, cable or IP TV through their consoles and give them a richer, more interactive experience from otherwise “static” television.

This integration is furthered with the inclusion of an enhanced version of the Xbox SmartGlass App for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android and iOS, whereby you can use your smartphone or tablet to navigate live TV or switch between multitasking apps, as well as use voice recognition and motion gestures to navigate content, thanks to an enhanced version of the Kinect motion camera included in the box with every Xbox One.

The console ships with 8Gb of RAM, a 500Gb hard drive and an eight-core x86 processor and Blu-Ray Player, all of which offer a significant performance boost for the gaming experience.

Additionally the controller has been dramatically revised to ensure that the directional pad, thumb stick and ergonomic fit have all been enhanced. Good news for hard-core gamers is that precision and control have been dramatically increased and the control also offers new vibrating impulse triggers.

“In my mind the Xbox One is not just designed as a gaming console, but rather as the single most advanced hybrid gaming and entertainment console. Microsoft has achieved this by creating a dual and parallel running, state-of-the-art gaming and Windows operating systems.

“What’s more is that the wait for South Africans is almost over,” says Stephan.