The Mustek Group, a leading distributor of computers, peripherals and accessories has today announced its new finance option for Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL). Rectron has partnered with Merchant West to bring the offering to market. This will empower customers to acquire Volume Licensing through affordable and spread payments instead of an upfront once off cash payment.

This solution, which is the first of its kind in South Africa, was born out of the group’s understanding of the financial pressures that many companies and particularly small to medium businesses (SMB) are under. Instead of acquiring these assets by using cash resources, the customer has the flexibility to lease over a period of time. This allows for the customer’s cash to be directed towards core activities.

Microsoft Volume Licensing finance option is the perfect offering for businesses of all sizes that are looking to leverage the benefits of software and ultimately define an appropriate IT software strategy for their organisations. The finance option on the Volume Licensing helps businesses to lower the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of their IT investments.

“Through our financing service, we are making it easier and more affordable for SMBs to access the rich benefits that Microsoft’s licensing programmes offer. This will also help South African SMBs to keep up to date with the latest software offerings and the productivity benefits they deliver. The value for our resellers lies in the fact that this finance option will create new opportunities in enabling them to expand and develop their own software licenses,” says Elaine Wang, Microsoft business unit manager for the Mustek Group*.

Another key initiative aimed at the channel is The Mustek Group’s License 2 Lead campaign, which is a tiered loyalty programme that sees resellers receiving multiple benefits. These include: access to exclusive events and training, dedicated communications and marketing initiatives, member only incentives, and the ability to earn points that accrue to prizes.

“In this fiercely competitive market, the ultimate differentiator boils down to truly understanding the needs of the market. As a group, we are constantly reviewing means by which we can deliver value along the channel chain and gear our resellers for success, so that they in turn can make life easier for their customers. We look forward to seeing the extremely positive impact that this VL finance option will have on the market,” concludes Wang.