The latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) was published early this year. The report, which assesses security vendors according to their products, vision and execution, describes Panda Security as a Visionary in the security industry.

Panda Security moves out of Gartner’s Niche Player segment because of the strength of its offerings, its cloud-based malware detection system and the execution of its vision. “We believe our position as a Visionary is proof that the company is on the right path with respect to its strategy and product portfolio,” says Jeremy Matthews, country manager for Panda Security.

The report highlights Panda Cloud Office Protection (PCOP) and Panda Cloud Systems Management (PCSM) as products which played a major role in Panda’s success over the past year.

PCSM, a remote endpoint systems management solution, includes audit, configuration, patch and software distribution capabilities, as well as remote control. Panda’s advanced threat detection system, PCOP, ensures maximum security against malware and exploits that take advantage of unknown and unpatched vulnerabilities.

“Panda’s comprehensive solutions increase user productivity, filtering and monitoring internet usage during working hours, neutralising spam and allowing companies to focus on their core business,” explains Matthews.

“SMBs seeking easy-to-manage cloud-based security should consider Panda’s business solutions to improve their IT infrastructure.”

Gartner mentions Panda’s cloud-based malware detection system as one of its major strengths, detecting zero-day threats in real time and updating protection every six minutes.

The system ensures maximum security against malware and other exploits that take advantage of unknown and unpatched vulnerabilities, regardless of the source of infection. This, coupled with competitive pricing and no upfront hardware and infrastructure costs, puts Panda Security in a good position to become a leader in next year’s Magic Quadrant analysis.

“We are extremely happy to be included as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and will continue to provide our customers with peace of mind around the security of their IT infrastructure,” concludes Matthews.