Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery 3.5 has earned the top score for overall breach detection rate in NSS Labs’ Breach Detection Systems (BDS) Group Test. Trend Micro also had the second lowest cost of ownership among the field. The NSS Security Value Map and Comparative Analysis reports evaluated threat detection appliances from six global security companies.

“Earning the highest rating in threat detection from a well-respected testing organisation, such as NSS Labs, re-confirms our leadership in fast-evolving security challenges,” says Gregory Anderson, country manager, South Africa at Trend Micro.

“Trend Micro Deep Discovery supports a comprehensive approach to security that enables organisations to protect data, communication and intellectual property in a cost-effective manner. As our industry continues to be overrun with marketing hype around defence against targeted attacks, this validation of Trend Micro’s capabilities illustrates to security pros the advantages we deliver.”

As advanced threats and targeted attacks continue to surge, the NSS Labs report provides customers with an impartial, third-party resource confirming Deep Discovery as one of the most effective threat detection solutions within a reasonable operating expense.

Trend Micro’s 99,1% score in this testing secured a “recommended” rating from NSS Labs. In addition, Deep Discovery registered zero false positives and received a 100% rating for detecting email-based malware and exploits.

Trend Micro’s exceptional performance from a single appliance is another point of distinction that creates efficiencies in terms of costs. Deep Discovery’s overall total cost of ownership was 25% less expensive than the test group average.

Furthermore, Deep Discovery’s leadership in threat detection is bolstered by the hundreds of enterprise and government customers worldwide that have relied on its capabilities since its launch in 2012, including the Republic National Distributing Company, the second largest distributor of premium wine and spirits in the US

“In its first two months on our network, Deep Discovery has spotted and stopped 5 000 anonymous events on our WAN that were not caught by any other security layer,” says John Dickson, director, IT Infrastructure, Republic National Distributing Company. “Each of those events could have potentially led to a major outbreak such as Conficker. Trend Micro has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that its technology works as advertised.”