Ricoh SA has launched Cloud Fax, a service incorporated into its multifunctional printers (MFPs) that saves customers the cost and complexity of buying and installing fax cards.
Fax cards, like network cards, are an additional board that must be installed into the devices, at a cost, and thereafter require a dedicated telephone line be connected.

“With Ricoh Cloud Fax companies no longer require dedicated fax cards and they don’t need dedicated telephone lines,” says Dawie Malan, head of software sales at Ricoh SA. “It saves significant time in setting up the service but more importantly slashes the costs of operating fax services. The faxes are transmitted via existing data lines at significantly lower cost than individual phone calls.”

In addition to that major benefit faxes can be received via e-mail and archived for 5 years in a free facility. The management console gives people the capability to manage fax numbers and archived faxes.

Ricoh Cloud Fax sends faxes using scan-to-email functionality in the MFP devices. The Management Console also lets people add and delete numbers, reroute existing fax numbers to new e-mail addresses or MFPs, and access the fax archives and pull activity reports for historic faxes.