Soarsoft Africa, a specialist of archive, migration, messaging and collaboration solutions and distributor of HP Autonomy solutions in southern Africa, has recently announced the latest HP Information Governance Services built on HP Autonomy technologies. The services are designed to enable compliance officers and legal counsel to manage structured and unstructured data according to business value and risk.

HP Information Governance Services deliver greater control over information assets, supporting organisations in their efforts to leverage the value of information in business-driven processes, operational efficiency, risk mitigation and cost reduction.

“As data repositories continue to grow rapidly within the organisation, our customers are finding it increasingly difficult to shed light on their ‘dark data’.

“Data management tools have thus become increasingly important. In addition, the ability to quickly find, monitor and take action on specific information is gaining prominence, largely due to the introduction of regulatory requirements such as the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act and the awareness this has created for good corporate governance around electronic information,” says Chris Hathaway, Director at Soarsoft Africa.

“The ability to automatically monitor and do ‘defensible deletion’ of obsolete and risky information is key for information governance and also reducing the costs and overheads associated with storing unnecessary information. HP’s Information Governance Services help to address all of these needs, adding transparency to the process and assisting our customers to manage their information from beginning to end,” he adds.

Information governance requires a comprehensive approach that sits at the intersection of people, process and technology. HP Information Governance Services combine industry-leading technology from HP Autonomy with deep domain expertise from HP Enterprise Services to position clients to gain a fast return on their technology investments while successfully supporting business strategy.

The services component of the solution covers the full business life cycle from assessment and design to implementation and ongoing support.

Typical use cases of the portfolio include:
* Records management – a unique combination of consulting services and the HP Records Manager product supports client efforts to capture, search and manage business records from any source.
* Information archiving – HP’s archiving technology can be combined with integration and consulting services to help organisations manage retention and dispose of information to assist in compliance with changing regulations while simultaneously obtaining insights for better business decisions.
* Classification – expert service combined with HP ControlPoint technology provides a better understanding of where data is stored, how it is used and its business context and value. These HP Classification Services can be delivered at different stages of Information Governance and serve as a phased approach to data clean up, life cycle management and optimisation.

The development of information policies and processes along with an accountability and responsibility framework is vital for any records management and archiving implementation and is an integral part of the HP Information Governance offering.

HP Enterprise Services is leveraging HP Autonomy’s technology to implement, automate and enforce the execution of information policies across the enterprise.

With HP Information Governance Services, clients may experience:
* Reduced risk exposure from compliance with retention regulation and ability to find information;
* Improved efficiency by boosting productivity and efficiency by decreasing the growing volume of uncontrolled data; and
* Lowered e-discovery and investigation costs through automated and repeatable processes.