Effective communication that reaches all employees across the business is the best way to help position a company to meet its goals. The days of ivory tower-like managerial approaches where all information is provided on a need-to-know basis and goals are departmentalised are well and truly over.

This is the view of human capital management experts at CRS Technologies South Africa, a leading local provider of HR and payroll services and solutions.

In assessing the capability a business has to achieve the goals it has set, it is important to break down and separate the short-to-medium goals from the broader company objectives and vision explains James McKerrell, CEO of CRS Technologies South Africa.

According to management at CRS Technologies South Africa it often happens that the scope of a company’s goals is sizeable and may seem out of reach. However, organised in achievable, short-term goals will not only help employees visualise these ambitions, but will organise them in such a way that they seem easily achieved and not distant.

“The next step is to ensure each employee understands specific deliverables required to achieve the goal – a detailed scope of precisely what needs to be actioned on a daily basis by the employee,” he says.

Once this is in place, the next focus point is communication channels and communication from decision makers to the rest of the organisation.

CRS Technologies believes it is difficult for the CEO to keep tabs on what is happening as the organisation grows. “So the use of business intelligence tools and a specific alignment technology in order to get immediate and relevant information is extremely helpful,” adds McKerrell.

The use of these tools enables the CEO to communicate to the entire organisation or to an individual on progress or lack thereof.

It also helps decision makers react quickly to changing scenarios whilst simultaneously keeping employees connected with each other and focused on the goals at hand.

Leadership at CRS Technologies believes it is this capability that will differentiate businesses in the digitised economy going forward.