International data protection software and cloud solution provider Attix5, via its long-standing partnership with Capita SIMS, has helped to ensure the successful rollout of data backup services across thousands of schools in the United Kingdom.

SIMS is a Windows-based management information system (MIS) used by 22 000 schools in the UK to manage information on students relating to their achievement, behaviour and attendance.

Attix5 offers a safe and reliable remote back-up and recovery service that protects the critical information generated and stored on school desktops, laptops and servers.

Attix5, the first and longstanding SIMS accredited back-up solution, was selected as a partner based on the high calibre of its reference sites and the quality of its track record in technology integration and support.

Attix5 back-up software Attix5 Pro, now ensures the data of 8 000 schools is backed up automatically and can be recovered if required.

Due to the simplicity and nature of the product, Attix5 Pro is easy to support with a high server to single support engineer ratio. This is an ideal solution for schools, academies and local authorities.

Petrus Human, CTO of Attix5, said that the company’s multi-tenanted, full range of cloud deployment options and onsite backup appliance offering, ensures that it is ideally positioned to add value to the continual growth of academies in the education space.

“We are very pleased with our partnership with Attix5. The data in SIMS is critical to the day-to-day management of a school and it is important to us to have a partner that can offer a reliable back-up service so a school can recover quickly from a major incident such as a flood or fire,” says David Grashoff, head of partner management at Capita SIMS.