Are you wondering how you are going to find the time to do all that is necessary for your business to thrive? Is your staff equipped to deal with the ever the changing prerequisites in business? What are you going to do to make sure this all happens smoothly whether you have one of the largest companies in the world or just a small business?

EnterpriseWorx’s CIO, Sean Longhurst, explains how Qlikview is able to get its data from almost any data source, generally in an organisation this is across large database platforms (like a data warehouse or data mart), Excel or csv data files to name but a few.

Qlikview’s powerful ability to access data from almost any source and report on it extremely fast means it creates a business data / business intelligence platform from which your business can make more informed decisions. “We have yet to come across a data source that Qlikview could not import, so should your company already have all its data in Excel, Access, or any other data source Qlikview is the answer to all your reporting needs,” says Longhurst.

Along with the capability to access data all users are able to easily access Qlikview reports using their standard internet browser, requiring no additional software to be installed. Different views of the data are made available to different members of staff depending on their need for certain information.

Longhurst reports how dashboards would be accessible to CEO’s and executives, analysis views for business users and detailed reports for more operational persons.

Additionally Qlikview Direct Discovery allows large organisations who have invested a lot of money in a big data environment like Hadoop or a big data appliance, to take advantage of that with a hybrid approach, allowing them to flawlessly access the big data layer directly when needed.

EWX has been able to provide Ellerine Holdings with a robust reporting platform via Qlikview, this allows the business to report on key data in vastly reduced times eliminating all manual reports and delayed information to users, allowing them to make better, more timely business decisions, and rapidly speeding up any new reporting requests for business.

There is no doubt that you would be able to decrease your operational costs via Qlikview by identifying operational inefficiencies or areas of your business that have profitability problems and then make the right decisions to rectify these.

With Qlikview being accessible on your smartphone, tablet or laptop via your Internet browser, you are able to access this information anywhere, anytime and with a detailed report design all you would need is one or two reporting solutions in order to get all the information you need within a single environment being performed in hours instead of months.

Let us at EnterpriseWorx assist you in managing your business data.