Eye-Fi, the US-based market leader in WiFi SD memory cards, has entered the southern African market by signing a distribution agreement with Esquire Technologies.

The distribution deal will see Esquire providing its reseller base with the new Mobi SD cards that turn standard cameras into connected devices, enabling high quality photos and videos to be transferred wirelessly to a mobile device such as smartphones or tablets for immediate upload on social media and e-mail.

Esquire Technologies is a company with a passion for high quality products. It is perfectly positioned for Eye-Fi, because, besides boasting a large reseller base, it distributes a wide range of premium brands to key retailers in southern Africa. The products will be available in 450 online stores, as well as being available in retail shops on short time.

Niels van der Valk, vice-president of EMEA sales and marketing at Eye-Fi, says: “We are looking forward to working with Esquire: Because of their extensive distribution network, as well as their Virtual Reseller Network (VRN) and in-depth knowledge of the industry, we consider Esquire to be the ideal partner to position our products successfully in the southern African market.”

Asgar Mahomed, MD of Esquire Technologies, says: “The Eye-Fi cards are a perfect fit for our existing product portfolio in our digital lifestyle division. Our goal is to provide our dealers and their customers with high quality products that are affordable and easy to use.

“Because social media and mobile devices are becoming increasingly important, a lot has happened in the field of photography. The new Eye-Fi products are the perfect innovation to supply this growing market with.”

The new Eye-Fi Mobi card, with a storage capacity of 8Gb, 16Gb or 32Gb, combines high quality digital photography with the convenience and connectivity of mobile devices. The card serves as a hotspot thanks to the integrated WiFi module, which allows a rapid and wireless transmission of pictures and movies from the camera to smartphones or tablets.

Mobi is compatible with almost all popular camera models and most of these cameras support Eye-Fi natively, from within the camera software.