Phoenix Distribution has expanded its office in Nairobi, Kenya, in a move to better serve its partners in East Africa.

Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution, says the new-look office and deliverables infrastructure will work alongside its existing agencies across East and Central Africa, to support the growth they have been seeing across the region.

“As a business, we understand it is vital to be close to our partners’ markets to be able to understand their needs better, and make sure we are adding value to them, and in turn, their customers,” says Campbell-Young. “Our East African business has grown to the extent that our customers needed easier direct access to us, and the Kenya office is already proving a vital link in the chain for our customers in the region.”

He adds that Africa is continuously embracing new technologies and investing in new infrastructure. “Phoenix needed an increased presence in Kenya, to provide the necessary support to our partners and customers in the region, to help them achieve their goals. We have existing partners in the East and Central African regions, and hope that our infrastructural increase in the territory will help to boost and support their efforts.”

Campbell-Young says that as Phoenix gets to know the needs of its partners and customers in the region, it will look to include new products that will address their specific needs. “There is a tremendous demand for new technologies in Africa, and we will provide the necessary knowledge and support to our partners, to ensure they, in turn, can address their customers’ needs.”

The company’s business is also expanding across the other African territories it has presence in, with Phoenix Distribution consequently enhancing and growing the product ranges on offer to customers. The company was recently appointed the official distributor of Kaspersky Lab’s consumer and corporate products in Nigeria as a result of its identification of specific customer needs.

Phoenix Distribution has seen increased interest in technology products, and security products specifically, in Nigeria, says Campbell-Young. “Our close relationships with our African customers – which are the result of our direct presence in these countries – are allowing us to pinpoint gaps and fill them effectively. This is the feedback we are receiving from our customers.”

Campbell-Young adds that statistics show that the rate of return on foreign investment in Africa is higher than in any other developing region.

“Investors and companies alike are all bullish about Africa. More and more international organisations are opening offices on the continent, foreign investment is pouring into the region, and stock markets are showing strong performances. Companies not investing in Africa risk being left behind. Leaders like Phoenix recognise the opportunities, and want to establish long-term relationships, establish brands and create new markets.

“I believe the success we are seeing on the continent is proof of the effectiveness of our approach.”