On 15 April 2014, Kaspersky Lab revealed its vision of enterprise security at the company’s annual CyberSecurity Summit in San Francisco, USA.

The event focused on how enterprise IT security realities affected businesses worldwide and featured commentary and panel discussions from influential figures in IT security. At the event, Kaspersky Lab also announced several new and planned security solutions and business strategies that will guide the company’s growth throughout the year.

To lead the discussion of such core issues as sophisticated attacks and complex cyber-espionage campaigns targeting corporations, a rising tide of advanced threats specifically targeting financial service networks, Kaspersky Lab assembled leading experts in IT security from the corporate, government, financial systems, and IT management fields, including representatives of Facebook, Visa, The Boeing Company and Wells Fargo & Co. Tom Ridge, Former Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, delivered a keynote speech: How Cyberwarfare Impacts Enterprise IT Security.

Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, says: “These days cybercrime is no longer about stealing relatively small sums of money from ordinary users. As the IT security landscape evolves rapidly and gets more and more complex, the number of sophisticated cyber-espionage campaigns targeting giant corporations is also sharply rising.

“Criminals are increasingly elaborate in designing their attacks and always try to exploit the weakest link in terms of security, which means that supply chains and contractors are targeted as well. This means that today threat intelligence is one of the top priorities for CIOs and CSOs, who need to ensure their defences, are flexible enough to withstand not just contemporary threats, but also the coming generation of cyber dangers.”

To equip enterprises with protection from these advanced threats, Kaspersky Lab’s solution portfolio is built on a foundation of threat intelligence and an ability to build technologies in-house instead of through acquisition.

These two core company principles produce valuable advantages for company’s customers, and are central components of the technology innovations which were announced at the Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit to address critical areas of enterprise IT.

The company announced a new expansion of Kaspersky Security for Virtualisation, which brings security technologies to virtual endpoints that were previously difficult to secure without sacrificing network performance (the solution will be announced locally in late April). The recently-presented Kaspersky Fraud Prevention platform was also highlighted as a way to combat cyber-attacks against financial service providers.

The comprehensive portfolio of Kaspersky Lab’s enterprise security solutions is complemented by Security Intelligence Services, including threat data analysis and reporting, Botnet tracking, and cyber security education programmes, harnessing the company’s recognised threat intelligence to enhance protection of its business partners.

Looking towards the future, Kaspersky Lab also discussed new opportunities for enterprise security growth, namely in the area of critical and industrial infrastructure protection, which requires technologies and products that fit the specific needs of industrial networks. These include not only products and solutions which will provide versatile protection for SCADA servers and engineering workstations, but also for PLC protection, network-level, and embedded security.

Kaspersky Lab’s enterprise security portfolio is built around the company’s core security intelligence, which encompasses award-winning endpoint protection technologies, a cloud-based network of global threat intelligence, and a multi-national team of prominent experts who discovered sophisticated cyber-espionage campaigns such as Flame, Gauss, Red October, Winnti, NetTraveler, Kimsuky, Icefog and The Mask/Careto.

The company maintains its focus on further development of its technologies by its own highly-skilled professionals, thus allowing for superior performance, tight integration, manageability, and better protection of enterprise IT infrastructures.

The foundation of the enterprise security portfolio, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, takes full advantage of Kaspersky Lab world-leading threat intelligence ecosystem and provides a tiered security approach based on a single integrated platform to incorporate features including robust application, device and web control tools, data encryption, mobile endpoint security and MDM, and systems and patch management.

Kaspersky Lab also offers dedicated solutions for File and Mail servers, Storage Systems, Internet Gateways, Collaboration Software, and industry-leading solutions for virtual machines.

The recently established International Advisory Board reinforces Kaspersky Lab’s cyber security intelligence foundations and provides advice in the IT security market to the company which ensures its development in the most appropriate strategic direction.

In 2013 Kaspersky Lab continued to deliver strong growth in the corporate IT security segment: 9% growth in the corporate segment overall and 18% in the enterprise segment. Kaspersky Lab’s corporate client base exceeded 250 000 companies located around the globe, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large governmental and commercial organisations.

The company has been recently identified as a Leader in the most prominent and influential global analyst vendor assessments by the “big three” analytic agencies. This recognition is a remarkable achievement; only one market player has ever earned this status from all three organisations before.

“Kaspersky Lab has steadily and notably strengthened its position in the enterprise security market by delivering efficient endpoint protection suites and targeted security solutions. The ability to provide solutions meeting customer needs has driven Kaspersky Lab’s market share gains,” says Charles Kolodgy, research vice-president for IDC’s Security Products.

“Additionally they have built a solid Threat Intelligence reputation through research exposing sophisticated attacks that employ designer malware. Kaspersky Lab is further enriching its enterprise portfolio with security intelligence services and solutions for under-served areas such as Critical Infrastructure Protection and online transaction security. These advancements cement their position as a vendor to watch in the enterprise security market.