Metrofile Records Management has launched the Metrofile Personal Archive (MPA), an electronic document management system for SMME and SOHO users.

According to Mike Grey, GM of Solutions at Metrofile Records Management, it’s estimated that managers spend an average of four weeks a year searching for or waiting on misfiled, mislabelled, untracked, or lost information, while office workers can waste up to two hours a day looking for misplaced paperwork.

“In order to address these challenges faced by many small business owners, Metrofile developed the MPA which assists home executives or people running their own business to manage their documents in an electronic format. By using the MPA, businesses are able to operate more efficiently as less time is spent on sorting, sourcing and filing electronic documents, providing business leaders with more time to focus on running the business,” says Grey.

He says the MPA transforms a simple office or home computer into an efficient and capable document management tool, allowing for simple archiving of scanned and local computer-generated content such as e-mails.

“Users of the MPA can take all their physical documents (such as tax forms, utility bills, receipts, warranties, photographs, accounts, reports and other document) as well as electronic documents that are created by the user or e-mailed to the user and structure them in a well-managed database. The system allows for simple scanning or storing of these documents and an easy retrieval method for accessing the documents.”

All users need is a scanner or 4-in-1 printer (which most businesses have) to organise their paper documents into a high quality retrieval system, says Grey.

He says the software is incredibly easy to install with help file guides, providing users with easy to follow steps. “There is no need for contracts to be signed as the software is supplied upon payment of the once-off fee with the option of software upgrades (approximately annually) available at an additional fee if requested.”

Metrofile provides telephonic support during working hours and e-mail support after hours. “We are also available to install, configure or assist with the software, or to assist with a conversion or take-on process at our consulting hourly rates on request,” says Grey.

Metrofile also offers a backup service to its SOHO users called Orange Box, says Grey.

“The concept is that you purchase two external hard drives from Metrofile which come secured in robust orange boxes. Shipped with the drives is a backup software application which can be configured to do daily/weekly backups. For a nominal monthly fee Metrofile will provide a rotation of the drives so that there is limited risk to the data in the event of theft or any other causes, giving the data a meaningful Disaster Recovery Plan.”

“Unfortunately SMME and SOHO businesses are not exempt from managing documents for legislative requirements and MPA allows this segment of the market to purchase a feature rich Electronic Document Management System at a very affordable price,” concludes Grey.