Keeping mobile devices up and running is essential while on the move, and running low on battery can be an inconvenience. Verbatim has tackled this challenge with two power packs from Verbatim – the Verbatim Ultra Slim and Portable power packs – available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

These power packs are designed for the specific needs and preferences of mobile IT users, the perfect solution to ensure that they are always powered up while on the move.

“People on the move make use of their mobile devices to stay connected, keep in touch and capture moments when they happen. In addition, business users require their mobile device to stay connected or respond to emails in between meetings or while on the road.

“However, battery life can often cut these moments short and it is therefore essential to always remain powered up. The Verbatim Power Packs solve these issues and allow users to charge their mobile devices wherever they are,” says Ruben Naicker, Verbatim product specialist at DCC.

The Verbatim Ultra Slim Power Pack is designed for mobile users who don’t want to be “weighed down” with a heavy battery pack – weighing in at only 50g.

The Verbatim Portable Power Pack weighs in at only 60g and therefore provide users with handy and convenient power charging solutions. Both devices feature a built-in USB cable that connects the mobile device to the power pack, making it is ideal for iPhones, Smartphones, MP3 players, iPods and other small Bluetooth peripherals.

Both devices offer lightweight designs, making them ideal for the person always on the move. The LED indicator displays the power status of the power pack and also features a button to check the amount of power that is still remaining.

“The mobile device era is here and remaining powered up is essential to remain connected and in-touch with the world around us. Talk, listen to music or play games for longer with the Verbatim Ultra Slim and Portable Power Packs,” concludes Naicker.

The Verbatim Ultra Slim and Portable Power Packs are available from DCC and select retail outlets immediately for a recommended retail price of R285.00 and R350.00 respectively. All prices are inclusive of VAT.