Fujitsu has announced the launch of the Fujitsu Storage Eternus DX200F, an all-flash storage array that provides high-performance storage I/O. The new Eternus DX200F leverages the proven reliability of the Eternus DX S3 platform, one of the true enterprise-grade storage array platforms on the market today. All major components are redundant, including power supply and storage controller, to allow for continuous operations.

Eternus DX200F shortens batch processing times and eliminates the problem of processing lags caused by high-frequency storage access in a virtual-server or virtual-desktop environment. It helps create new business opportunities by enabling companies to run real-time analytics for big data, or to handle web traffic during peak times in a much smoother way, as underlined by recent independent benchmark test results.

Performance is achieved through the combination of solid-state drives and 12Gbps SAS drive interfaces with exceptionally high transfer capabilities. Latency on the Eternus DX200F is extremely low, at less than 0.5ms – ideal for I/O-intensive environments.

The system architecture is optimised for high performance of business critical applications and infrastructures such as databases and virtualized environments, which typically use block sizes of 8Kb or more.

Using the remote copy feature of Fujitsu Storage Eternus DX Series disk storage systems, the Eternus DX200F can be easily backed up to an Eternus DX Series unit that uses nearline hard drives. Furthermore, the Eternus DX200F comes with standard support for thin provisioning, enabling administrators to establish virtual capacity regardless of the physical capacity of the solid-state drives.

This makes it possible to add physical disks as storage needs increase; without changing capacity settings, thereby increasing the utilization efficiency of storage resources and helping to optimize investments.

“Most flash storage arrays are optimized for a specific storage workload. The Fujitsu Eternus DX200F differs by providing a proven enterprise-grade, all-flash solution. This is a robust and reliable platform for a wide range of workloads – such as high-performance database, realtime data analytics, VDI and batch processing,” says Frank Reichart, senior director Storage Marketing at Fujitsu.

“And by delivering these flash capabilities starting at a single-digit Euro-per-gigabyte system price, customers have a compelling reason to adopt flash storage and accelerate their entire storage infrastructure.”