Kemp Technologies has announced Kemp Condor, a true multi-tenant application service delivery solution for enterprises, managed hosting companies and cloud service providers who want to adopt a best-of-breed network function virtualisation (NFV) strategy.

Condor’s HyperFlex virtualised architecture provides a flexible framework that is independent of proprietary hardware, for delivering Kemp or third-party virtualised network functions using a single platform. For example, this could include load balancing, a Web application firewall (WAF) or a WAN optimisation controller (WOC).

Being able to chain network services shortens provisioning time and minimises the risk of misconfiguration by reducing manual setup. And with real multi-tenant application delivery, Condor allows MSPs and enterprise IT organisations to offer dedicated virtualised network services based on the performance and capacity needs of individual business units or customers.

In contrast to basic “containerisation”, Kemp’s complete tenant isolation also ensures that security policy requirements are met, while enabling granular control over performance and versioning.

By leveraging server platforms already in use to build private cloud infrastructures, Condor seamlessly integrates into the cloud environment, converting platforms from leading vendors such as Cisco, Dell and HP into the underlying delivery framework.

“By delivering true multi-tenant application delivery and a framework for NFV service chaining, Kemp is committed to providing enterprises and managed service providers with maximum flexibility for privately hosted and hybrid cloud architectures,” says Peter Melerud, co-founder and EVP-Product Management at Kemp Technologies.

Delivered as a bare metal software solution independent of proprietary hardware, Kemp Condor is an application on-demand delivery framework that offers managed and cloud service providers a scalable route to market for highly profitable software subscription services.

It will be targeted for deployment on all Kemp supported bare metal platforms including Cisco UCS B and C series, HP ProLiant DL, Oracle x86 and Dell PowerEdge R-Series servers, enabling Kemp authorised partners multiple options for delivering their end customer solutions with flexible, incremental scaling consumption models.