Arte Meccanica has appointed partners, Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings and Isah, to assist them with production and efficient labour planning, streamlining processes and creating accurate job costings. Arte Meccanica produces what is known as the most beautifully engineered espresso machine in the world, the Espresso Veloce.

Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings is a specialist solutions provider and distributor whilst ISAH is an international software company.

Coffee maestro, Paolo Mastrogiuseppe, founder of Arte Meccanica says he had been looking for an IT system that suited all his requirements for quite some time. He discovered the only organisation suitable for managing all the customised pieces used in his espresso machine, was Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings and ISAH.

“The solution offered by these two organisation’s has proved to be the most advanced and cost-effective solution, with the fastest return-on-investment,” says Mastrogiuseppe.

Isah consists of a number of standard modules that offer organisations complete insight into their business processes. “The company offers a number of solutions than can be used in many phases of a product life cycle. In fact, with Isah, the entire product life cycle becomes controllable and manageable,” says Ian Huntly, CEO and MD of Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings.

The Espresso Veloce sculptures are hand-built in limited numbers at Arte Meccanica headquarters. Precision–machined from solid billet aluminium alloy, titanium alloy and super alloys as used in high-specification Grand Prix engines, these high-caffeine creations are half-scale versions of the motors that have powered Grand Prix racing cars over the past three decades of motor racing.

“Their bespoke “engines” comprise V8, V10 and V12 configurations, each hand-crafted to the owner’s unique specifications,” says Mastrogiuseppe.

“Isah has been developing, selling, implementing and supporting its business software for customer-driven companies since 1987,” says Peter van Harten, CEO of Isah. “We were therefore an obvious fit for Arte Meccanica”.

“I have high standards when producing engineering excellence in a competitive luxury brand market, says Mastrogiuseppe, “therefore Ian Huntly, renowned for providing the most adaptable systems for the manufacturing industry, coupled with his vast knowledge and ability to build the best strategies for individual companies, was the perfect partner to deliver my requirements,” says Mastrogiuseppe.

The assembly of each Espresso Veloce masterpiece requires close attention to detail by specially trained assembly technicians. Strict quality control on all components ensures that only the highest quality materials are used to hand-craft the serialised masterpieces.

Two selector buttons enable programmable volumetric dosing on either a single or double length espresso. An aromatic espresso is dispensed through one of the titanium exhausts pipes in 26 seconds. The machine is designed to operate with coffee capsules for optimal aroma, flavour and crema. The oil reservoir on top of the engine block can be filled with Grappa or any other alcoholic beverage to correct the espresso mix.