At first glance, it may appear that printing in the office doesn’t create that much of a dent in overall finances. However, the most costly processes of printing are often overlooked and continue without our knowledge – particularly when it comes to wasted resources and unnecessary hardware.

It is for this reason that managed print services (MPS), and more importantly managed document services have become increasingly central to South African companies, says Ismail Schuster, manager: business development, Kyocera South Africa.

MDS has a much wider offering than MPS because where MPS only focuses on output, MDS optimises the entire document output process – from capturing to archiving, workflows to security and environmental impact.

This holistic approach makes MDS a vital strategy for every company that wants to look at its entire potential for cost reduction. MDS can reduce output costs by around 30% and is suitable for any business’s needs.

Kyocera’s MDS model uses a five-step ADIMO approach (Assess, Design, Implement, Manage and Optimise) to ensure cost efficient solutions tailored to a business’s needs.

The solution affects a 30% average output cost reduction because the approach accurately detects the output costs of a business and locates where expenses can be cut. A specialised plan is created to suit that specific business’s needs, efficiently reducing costs and allowing time, hardware and resources to be used more effectively. MDS streamlines your company’s print operations and reduces print and copy expenditures.

Information security has become a vital part of a company’s operations. The risk of confidential business information being accessed by external forces is dangerous and this risk is highly possible with the cloud-based technology of many companies in South Africa.

MDS offers businesses a secure solution to manage their document and printing services by controlling access to devices through user authentication, and monitoring printers and networks. The solution also recommends software that allows a safer transition from paper to digital.

Multifunction printers (MFPs) are now relied on to complete multiple tasks, not just printing and scanning, and need to give businesses the most capable solution to enable a fast and easy workflow. Mobility has now been introduced into document solutions by allowing users to access their MFP using an apple or android mobile device through a wireless network to enable faster printing, scanning and wireless transportation of documents.

A greener alternative is offered through MDS by reducing energy consumption, reducing consumable consumption, reducing carbon emissions and reducing electronic and resource waste. MDS streamlines a company’s print operations and reduces print and copy expenditures. Everything done is transparent and quantifiable.