Open Box, a software development consultancy comprising 120+ users, has used its ICT managed services partner, Integr8, to upgrade its infrastructure and software, and, at the same time, benefit from Software Assurance and Open Value Subscription (OVS). As a result Open Box has strengthened its infrastructure, its control of software application and complied fully with all relevant licensing.
Open Box utilised the expertise of Integr8 to upgrade its Cisco infrastructure and implement Microsoft Office 2013, which translated into immediate value through the introduction of specific features and related technical enhancements to the network.

With the improvement in overall system performance and processing secured, Open Box looked to Integr8 to assist with licensing requirements and compliance.

Managing licensing can be a real challenge for businesses: there is a range of solutions and services available, all promising reliable software and cost effective licensing support. At the same time companies have to consider their level of compliance, the need to implement strategy while also keeping costs down.

Being a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, with an impressive track record of long-time service and support of Microsoft technology, Integr8 is ideally positioned to meet the needs of its Client.

In order to minimise any impact on its client’s operations and provide a straightforward and cost-effective way to license all the latest Microsoft software, Integr8 proposed a three-year rental agreement based on the provision of OVS.

“OVS is specifically designed as the optimum licensing solution for companies with up to two hundred and fifty desktops. At the end of the three year agreement customers have the choice to extend the agreement or buy out the software or discontinue usage… this means that the client is presented with a choice of how to direct the management of this important facet of operation,” says Bennie Strydom, chief sales officer at Integr8.

“We are talking about a state of IT readiness and infrastructure competence that will help the company sustain the highest level of operational efficiency and ensure peace of mind in terms of compliance with software licensing.

“Our value proposition is to ensure this peace of mind, to make available a service and system that removes the headache of software license management and allows decision makers to concentrate on core competencies and focus areas,” Strydom adds.

As Strydom explains a company covered by an OVS agreement is considered compliant during the first three years of the agreement – which removes any uncertainty and worry over compliancy with software licensing.

Integr8 also provided Open Box with Software Assurance training vouchers.

Software Assurance offers Open Box 24×7 support, deployment planning services, training, and the latest software releases and unique technologies – all through one program.

“They can improve their productivity with online training and home use licenses to help enhance skills and accelerate familiarity with Microsoft software. Software Assurance provides technical training and access to new software releases when they become available and to unique technologies, including the Windows Enterprise Edition operating system and the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP).

“In addition, Software Assurance offers extended use rights to deploy certain products to accommodate a greater variety of cloud and hybrid deployment options, devices and worker preferences,” explains Lance Fanaroff, joint CEO at Integr8.

The benefits of training vouchers include:

* Employee skill enhancement – improve productivity with training and support for your IT staff. Prepare your IT staff to efficiently deploy, manage, and support now software.
* Reduced training costs – training is already included under the Software Assurance coverage. With SATV, you can provide technical training for your IT Pro and Developer staff without impacting your budget.
* Learning Partner support – Microsoft’s Learning Partners can help create an optimal training strategy for your organization and help you plan the most effective way to use training vouchers.
* Guaranteed pricing – Microsoft and Learning Partners have set pricing that is included with your Software Assurance coverage. With the exception of Demonstration sessions, one training voucher day equals one classroom-training day.

In the words of Open Box, it has several years’ experience in delivering solutions to companies in South Africa, Europe, the UK and the US, and it has the ability to ‘read’ and understand businesses and transfer the value of always-on, always-available universal technology application.

The service and level of support offered by Integr8 has added significant value and helps Open Box to sustain this level of operations and service.