Cloud computing is one buzzword that just won’t stop metamorphosing. The array of new forms of cloud computing available to those responsible for cloud, analytics, mobile and social infrastructure to enable businesses, face a considerable burden to change. Yet they are also presented with an unbelievable opportunity to generate value and leverage capabilities, says Christian Klezl, vice-president, IBM Cloud Solution Sales.

A few decades ago, IBM used to offer its mainframes to banks, utilities and other industries on a rental basis and the billing used to be metered. Even today IBM is doing the same thing with much success thanks to the amazing performance of these mainframe servers.

45 years on from the first virtualisation on the Mainframe, cloud is now seen as a revolution in itself, and one of the key colonels of virtualisation. But as we move from generation to generation of technology, the key to success remains finding the value in solutions and not creating technology for the sake of it.

Today, technology is the number one differentiating factor for business, no longer market, geopolitical, macroeconomic, or globalization factors. What’s more, says Klezl: “Your business strategy is your cloud strategy and the kind of dynamic cloud available today incorporates a comprehensive portfolio that delivers security, scalability, openness and enterprise-grade solutions.”

In the not too distant future we are likely to see the “composable business” coming into its own. One where a singular IT department no longer exists , but rather incorporates IT, business leaders and developers. And by default, customers have gained a virtual seat in the boardroom by using technology to be open and transparent with the businesses they engage and expect almost immediate gratification.

IT leaders are driven by enterprise grade performance, security, up time, reliability and scalability, developers by how quick they are enabled to innovate and business buyers by the need for a choice of the best to pick what helps them address their business problems. Cloud is the single binding aspect – providing all three buyers their very different expectations.

By meeting the needs of divergent buyers and users cloud is helping redefining technology, business and in fact entire industries by asking people to think broader and bigger than just IT.

And companies that embrace cloud realise it gives them a complex portfolio of tech allowing them to grow from where they are, whether that is just beginning or with many years of existing data.