Ctrack, a specialist provider of fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions to a global client base, has implemented the Sage ERP X3 business software to support the production process at its Durban factory.

The company was looking to achieve more flexibility and efficiency in operations by replacing multiple systems with a single, fully integrated ERP solution. Ctrack especially needed a system that would allow for accurate planning, management and reporting around component stock at the factory where it makes its vehicle tracking systems.

“We were looking for a system that would provide us more detail than our current system. We export globally, so timing is everything if we are to ensure our operations has the stock to meet their customers’ immediate needs,” says Deon du Rand, chief technology officer of Ctrack.

“We use thousands of components in multiple product lines. At times, certain components have order lead times of 12 weeks or more, thus making planning and minimising inventories complicated but absolutely essential,” says Du Rand.

Ctrack opted to implement Sage ERP X3 because it is a scalable, cost-efficient and comprehensive product that encompasses all aspects of inventory management, stock control, manufacturing, financials, purchasing and full material resource planning capabilities. Ctrack chose Parity Software as the implementation partner for the project because of its competitive pricing and proven track record.

“We worked with Ctrack to complete a comprehensive business requirements analysis in September 2013. This formed the basis for the functional specifications and business processes and provided a blueprint for the implementation,” says Warren Williams, MD of Parity Software.

“The conversion of data from Ctrack’s previous system to Sage ERP X3 started early in the implementation cycle. We focused on implementing a solution that was customised to accommodate Ctrack’s unique and specific needs,” he adds.

“The implementation of Sage ERP X3 is still in an early phase but we are confident that it will deliver the fully integrated end-to-end solution we require to give us visibility across all the business entities” du Rand says.

Through the implementation of Sage ERP X3, Ctrack has aligned its business processes to follow best practices, enabling the company to effectively run multiple sites and multiple currencies. This positions Ctrack for future growth as an enterprise.

“In today’s global market, differentiating your company often means speeding up all your business processes to reduce lead times. By integrating actual sales, sales forecasts and stock levels, Sage ERP X3 creates a powerful replenishment planning engine. The outcome is lower inventory levels, no unnecessary distribution and healthier operating margins,” says Keith Fenner, senior vice-president of Sales for Sage ERP X3 AAMEA.