Qlik has announced that Zehnder Group, an international manufacturer of heating, ventilation and cooling systems, and air cleaning solutions, uses QlikView group wide to analyse key performance indicators (KPIs) across their organisation.

The QlikView Business Discovery platform provides a visually appealing BI solution that gives Zehnder Group the transparency, consistency, and effective information they need across their various management levels and divisions. The QlikView solution complements their SAP ERP system with a comprehensive BI solution that allows users to map data of different business units into a single platform while ensuring scalability.

After only two months, Zehnder Group was able to create its first QlikView applications which focused on pertinent sales data and order information. They provide insight on sales point of view data, regional break outs, brands, customer hierarchy, product structures as well as country views.

To ensure the solution was rolled out consistently to drive maximum results, the BI Centre of Competence at Zehnder Group generated a template-driven approach. As part of this approach, new features are developed in collaboration with the business units at the Centre of Competence and then rolled out simultaneously group wide.

“Our goal was to create a comprehensive business intelligence solution that would streamline our reporting systems into a common format and make business intelligence accessible for all business units regardless of where they were located,” says René Grieder, head of Group Controlling, Zehnder Group.

“With QlikView, we could achieve quick wins and did not have to wait several months or even years to experience success.”

“With a goal of making data analytics accessible to a variety of business users in their organisation, Zehnder Group needed a solution that was flexible, scalable, and easy to use,” says David Telford, Qlik senior director of Manufacturing & Services Industries.

“With QlikView their business users get a consolidated view of their data, regardless of where the information is sourced, and have the ability to freely explore their data to unlock key insights for their specific business units.”