Extend WiFi range or create a WiFi hotspot quickly and easily with the Huawei WS322 WiFi Repeater from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). Use this small, inconspicuous device in repeater mode to take WiFi signal further, or in client mode to turn wired Internet into wireless connectivity. Simply plug it into a wall socket and share the power of WiFi throughout any home or small office.

“WiFi has become ubiquitous in many homes and small offices, however, wireless signal often leaves ‘blank spots’ as it cannot penetrate walls and double stories. The WS322 solves this challenge, acting as a range extender for any wireless hotspot. In addition, it also offers an easy way to create a wireless hotspot from a wired Ethernet connection,” says Fayaaz Seedat, Huawei Consumer Product Specialist at DCC.

The WS322 plugs into a standard two-pin plug adaptor, and can then be plugged directly into any wall socket at the edge of existing wireless coverage, providing up to double the WiFi range with Wireless N.

Everything is contained within one device weighing just 61 grams, including the internal antenna. It offers flexible Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure data connections can be configured according to requirements, and WiFi Multimedia (WMM) interoperability to deliver basic QoS features. WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) offers additional security to ensure only authorised devices can access the network.

“Wireless is useful for sharing connectivity, but it has its limitations. Typically, making use of a wireless repeater to extend range has required professional installation, making this a less attractive option. The Huawei WS322 solves this challenge, offering an easy to install, affordable solution,” Seedat concludes.

The Huawei WS322 WiFi Repeater is available immediately from resellers and leading retailers for a recommended retail price of R500.00 including VAT.