The ICT Advisory Board of the Collaborative Stakeholder Movement (CSM) has defined four areas of urgent focus within the industry: connectivity; skills; fraud and corruption; and innovation.

The CSM is an initiative that brings together industry stakeholders who can identify issues and tackle them in order to bring about positive change.

“The Advisory Boards consist of individuals who are deeply skilled and passionate leaders, intellectuals and technocrats,” says CSM’s Martin Humphries. “As a co-ordinated and facilitated collective, they will be the architects of the high-level, yet practical, conversations that will enable solutions to overcome our numerous leadership challenges.”

The ICT Advisory Board, which held its inaugural meeting yesterday, consists of industry leaders from both the vendor and user communities, as well as academics, civil society, parastatals and complementary industries.

While a number of pressing issues were identified, the four – skills; fraud and corruption; connectivity; and innovation – were identified as the most urgent facing the ICT industry at present. Committees will begin meeting from next week to unpack these issues and start forging plans to address and, hopefully, mitigate them.

“The ICT Advisory Board will be available for input from relevant stakeholders on matters to address as priority, with a view to effecting solutions applicable and specific to such stakeholders,” Humphries says.

“Members set out to tackle a particular issue, collaborate on their findings, make recommendations and present their finding to the relevant stakeholders.”

Any industry leaders keen to be involved in helping to craft solutions for issues in the ICT industry can contact Martin Humphries on