Software AG and IDS Scheer Consulting have entered into a strategic partnership based on the ARIS process optimisation solution.

In close co-operation, Software AG and IDS Scheer Consulting will intensify their consulting services for the ARIS product family. In this context, the Scheer Group will also sell licenses for Software AG in its role as a distribution partner. Its geographical focus will be the Scheer Group’s core markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and neighbouring countries.

In the future, the Scheer Group will additionally also provide customers of IDS Scheer Consulting with ARIS professional services for the expansion, modernisation and integration of its business process management (BPM) platforms.

Key areas of expertise will be solutions for business process analysis (BPA), process performance management & analytics and customised adaptations of ARIS solutions as well as ARIS migration and cloud services.

IDS Scheer Consulting has a partner stand at Software AG’s “Innovation Day” customer fair today in Bonn, Germany and will be presenting the innovative potential of the ARIS product family.

Scheer Group founder, Professor Dr August-Wilhelm Scheer, says: “Our participation in Innovation Day sends the clear signal that IDS Scheer Consulting is closely collaborating with Software AG on ARIS consulting and license distribution. We were already discussing this partnership when we bought IDS Scheer Consulting. And we are pleased that it is coming to fruition just a few weeks after the acquisition.”

Software AG CEO Karl-Heinz Streibich adds: “Customers of both companies will benefit from the combination of Software AG’s technologically leading products and the expertise of the Scheer Group network. Moreover, the two companies have had a strong relationship for many years, which lays the ideal foundation for a long-term productive and successful partnership.”