iPads are being increasingly used outside conference and meeting rooms to give valuable on-the-go information to delegates and visitors- such as when events start, who the speakers are and when the rooms will become free.

This is according to Nicolette Kruger, country manager of NFS Technology.

“There is a big trend to have iPads strategically placed outside meeting rooms as an additional service to clients. The iPads will even give immediate ‘live’ summaries of speeches taking place within the meeting rooms.”

NFS Technology is a specialist software company that supplies software for the hospitality industry, including for the conference and video conferencing markets.
Kruger said NFS Technology has already begun to offer this service to its client base.

“It is becoming an important value added service. iPads, for instance, can also tell people when rooms are available for quick meetings in between seminars.”
iPads outside meeting spaces would be used to:
* Identify which meeting spaces are available/in use;
* Ability to book the meeting space directly from the iPad;
* “check-in” “check-out” functionality;
* Identify who has booked this room; and
* Check daily/weekly schedule for this specific room.

iPads in the conference environment will be used to

* Identify whether a conference is in session;
* View the daily/weekly schedule;
* View which conference;
* Wayfinding; and
* Service tracker.