Content is king in today’s world, and users need high-capacity centralised storage with secure anytime, anywhere access. The WD My Cloud EX2 from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) meets these needs and more.

It offers a dual-drive Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution with up to 8Tb of storage as well as personal cloud capability to provide security, storage in the cloud and on a physical drive, ownership and access to data at an affordable price.

“The My Cloud EX2 is a high-performance two-bay NAS solution that is built from the ground up for quality and reliability, ideal for the home, the small office, the creative professional or even workgroups. With this drive, users can save all of their content in a centralised location, and then access it from anywhere via the Internet in their own personal cloud.

“Data is fully protected with Redundant Array of Independent Discs (RAID) 1, cloud and Local Area Network (LAN) / Wide Area Network (WAN) backup options depending on your needs. In addition, a full suite of applications (apps) assists users to easily expand the features of their NAS,” says Ruben Naicker, WD Product Specialist at DCC.

The My Cloud EX2 is optimised for WD Red NAS drives, featuring WD exclusive NASWare technology. It is available prepopulated with WD Red NAS drives in capacities of 4Tb, 6Tb and 8Tb, as well as without drives so users can populate the enclosure themselves.

The enclosure is compatible with 5400 Rotations Per Minute (RPM) hard drives that are currently available in the market. The advanced enclosure design allows users to quickly and easily install and swap out drives, to expand capacity as needed. Capacity can also be expanded with compatible USB hard drives thanks to two USB 3.0 ports on the device.

Performance is assured with 512Mb memory and a 1.2GHz processor, and multiple drive management options include RAID 1, RAID 0, Just a Bunch of Discs (JBOD) and spanning which allows multiple drives to behave as a single larger drive.

In addition, management is made easy thanks to a powerful dashboard that allows you to monitor drives, manage users and utilise energy-saving features such as disk spin-down and scheduled power on/off. Alerts can be configured to send to both email and mobile to ensure you are always up to date on the status of the My Cloud EX2.

Advanced serving features include integrated file server, FTP server, back-up server and P2P torrent download server. Other advanced features include iSCSI target, FTP services, jumbo frame support, UPS support via USB and network, real-time resource monitor, active directory integration, volume encryption with boot-up password, SNMP, virtual volumes and more.

“In addition, the My Cloud EX2 offers access to a range of industry-leading and award-winning apps to customise your NAS experience.

“With the WD My Cloud mobile and desktop apps you can upload, access and share documents from anywhere, and the mobile app also enables you to transfer files from public cloud accounts directly to the My Cloud EX2. Other apps include aMule, Transmission, Icecast, Joomla!, phpBB, phpMyAdmin, SqueezeCentre and more,” concludes Naicker.

The My Cloud EX2 is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating Systems (OS) and features SmartWare Pro for PC users and compatibility with Apple Time Machine.