AccessData and ARM launch ResolutionOne Platform with the world’s first Continuous Automated Incident Resolution (CAIR) integrated solution.

AccessData, the leader in incident resolution solutions, has signed a distribution agreement with African Risk Mitigation (ARM), a leading value-added distributor of cyber security and other consumer-related IT software products in Africa. This partnership will see ARM growing AccessData’s footprint across the continent and building the company’s the channel partner community.

Simon Whitburn, senior vice-president and GM at AccessData says, “Traditionally we invested in a very small number of technology partners because our heritage business in the forensics space was very niche and focused almost entirely on the law enforcement vertical. However, our operations in Africa now need to be driven by a larger channel.

“This is because the corporate sector in this region demands the capability to conduct their own in-house digital investigations, as well as in-house rapid detection and response to defend against hackers, malware and advanced persistent threats.

“They want the option to control their own information assurance and cyber security programs without having to resort to a third-party or divulge information to law enforcement, as the threat of cyber terrorism and breach attacks continues to grow.”

Together, the two companies are introducing AccessData’s new ResolutionOne Platform to Africa, the world’s first Continuous Automated Incident Resolution (CAIR) platform, delivering comprehensive, real-time insight, analysis, response and resolution of data incidents.

“Every organisation needs advanced and integrated security and forensic solutions to successfully investigate cybercrimes, internal policy violations and security incidents.

“Each case presents unique challenges as the data can often be hidden in plain sight. It is important for organisations to understand how to sift through the digital incident trail, reconstruct a timeline of events and identify the ‘who, what, when and how’ of a breach,” says Lucas Zaichkowsky, Enterprise Defense Architect at AccessData.

Francois Els, GM at ARM, says, “Organisations across Africa should be prepared to combat cyberattacks. It is no longer, ‘if’, but rather ‘when’ the enterprise will be attacked.

“According to HP’s Cyber Risk Report 2013, in today’s world of rising e-crimes and growing demands for secure software, it is imperative to eliminate opportunities for stealing important information that is valuable for attackers. This applies to Africa as it is no different to any other region when it comes to the acceptance of emerging technologies and the vulnerabilities that they bring.”

ResolutionOne delivers the workflows and capabilities necessary to detect, analyse, and resolve any data event – from security breaches to e-discovery and other Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) issues. It is the industry’s first integrated, and automated platform to work seamlessly across third party security solutions and the sharing of incident data across organisations.

The ResolutionOne Platform integrates network, endpoint and malware analysis, end-to-end e-discovery and remediation technologies into a single, scalable solution. This makes it possible for all security, legal and compliance teams to do their jobs using one platform, automating tasks and collaborating in real time to address virtually any security incident or legal matter.