The Philips 224E5QSW LCD monitor with SmartImage Lite, available immediately from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), features a glossy white futuristic finish and an ultra-narrow bezel, offering new levels of sophistication and vibrant colour images in a brilliant computer display.

“When choosing a monitor, looks are as important as picture quality, and the Philips 224E5QSW delivers superbly on both. Using a glossy white for the finishes makes this monitor stand out head and shoulders above the rest, and legendary Philips quality and display technology ensures crystal clear images and superior colour.

“This monitor is therefore ideal for event organisers, retailer environments, airports, virtual banking terminals and any other use where the modern looks and futuristic design would fit right in,” says Bruce Byrne, Philips Product Specialist at DCC.

The Philips 224E5QSW uses Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching (AH-IPS) technology to deliver brilliant colour reproduction, faster response times and reduced power consumption.

AH-IPS also ensures excellent visibility and colour at practically any viewing angle. In addition, the monitor features Philips exclusive SmartImage Lite, a technology that analyses the content displayed on the screen to dynamically enhance the contrast, colour saturation and sharpness of images and videos. This ensures ultimate display performance in real time at the touch of a button.

Featuring full High Definition (HD) with a widescreen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the Philips 224E5QSW ensures the best possible picture quality. Proprietary Philips TrueVision technology ensures ultimate display performance, always-accurate colour rendition and consistent picture quality.

An ultra-narrow outer bezel of just 2.5mm maximises viewing size while reducing overall dimensions. This makes the displays ideal for setup as multi-displays or for tiling to create one giant display out of many monitors.

“In addition to this host of features, the Philips 224E5SQW is also environmentally friendly. It is completely mercury free, and all body plastic parts, metal chassis parts and packing materials use 100% recyclable materials. Philips also adheres strictly to Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards to ensure reduction or elimination of all toxic substances such as lead and mercury.

“Therefore, consumers can purchase and use this device with a clear conscious, assured that its impact on the earth is minimised,” Byrne adds.

The Philips 224E5QSW LCD monitor with SmartImage Lite is available from DCC and selected resellers for a recommended price of R2 395.00 including VAT.