Pinnacle Africa is proud to announce the launch of The Division – its new high-tech hub focussed on extremely high performance computing and electronics.

The Division is made up of a team of technology experts and exists with the sole purpose of cherry-picking the absolute best of the best high-tech computer electronics from Technology Vendors around the world. The sole focus of the team is on extremely high performance computing and electronics, operating only on the highest end of the spectrum – whether it is in Gaming, Overclocking or Designer Workstations.

The team settles for nothing less than the absolute extreme and thrives on the cutting edge, ensuring that only those products fit for purpose are offered out. The Division offers the most advanced technology available across the high-tech spectrum covering everything from graphics cards, processors and motherboards to CPU coolers, power supplies and the coolest cases this side of the Atlantic.

With over 12 years’ experience in the Gaming and Extreme Overclocking arenas, Frances Lombard – Pinnacle Africa’s newly appointed Gaming business development manager – says that, “The Division is here to take the guess
work out of high-end and offer enthusiasts an unrivalled choice of high-tech at very competitive prices”.

Lombard says that the team will work on identifying key products aimed at the Gaming and High Performance Computing markets and ring-fencing these products in a single pricelist for Pinnacle Africa’s high-end, tech savvy customers.

“We’ll also be creating ‘Gaming Recipes’ – unique Gaming spec machines that you’ll only be able to purchase at Pinnacle Africa,” says Lombard. “Your benchmarks will never look the same again.”

Pinnacle Africa’s resellers will also have access to a wider range of high-tech products, an increased stock holding as well as access to exclusive customer incentives.

Via their Facebook page, The Division offers weekly reviews and new product highlights as well as exciting monthly giveaways. This month a 1Tb Adata Dashdrive is up for grabs. To win, Facebook users can simply like The Division’s Facebook page, look out for the weekly review which they will need to like and share, and wait for the draw at the end of the month.