The mobile user is on the increase and ensuring connectivity while on the go is paramount in today’s fast paced world. Meeting users’ high data demands and compensating the inevitable loss of battery life, the Huawei E5730 Mobile WiFi modem with power bank from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is the perfect travel companion.

Convert WiFi to 3G, 3G to Local Area Network (LAN) or LAN to WiFi for the best connectivity option for you, wherever you are. Connect up to 10 people or devices simultaneously and charge other mobile devices with the power bank – the E5730 meets the toughest needs of the mobile warrior.

“The Huawei E5730 meets the demands of the always connected user by providing fast network connection speeds whilst delivering the convenience of being able to charge mobile devices when on the move. The ability to connect multiple devices completes the package, creating a mobile hotspot for up to 10 users or devices,” says Fayaaz Seedat, Huawei consumer product specialist at DCC.

By making use of a 5 200mAh battery, the Huawei E5730, when fully charged, provides up to 16 hours working time and up to 500 hours standby time. Users can also charge mobile devices from this power bank such as smartphones and tablets. The Huawei E5730 supports up to 10 devices simultaneously – sharing mobile WiFi (MW) has never being easier.

Adds Seedat, “This is the ideal device for organisations who, for example, send a team to attend a trade show or meetings together. The Huawei E5730 ensures that connectivity is shared through the creation of a mobile hotspot with a small form factor device that can be slipped into a bag or pocket.”

A SIM card slot allows for 3G data to be shared wirelessly with multiple devices while the inclusion of the Ethernet port enables users to connect directly to a LAN if the device does not have wireless access. The Huawei 5730 can be directly connected with a network cable, allowing users to make use of the 3G data when WiFi is not required.

Start-up takes as little as five seconds, and provides 42Mbps downlink and 5,76Mbps uplink speeds. Supporting Windows, MAC, iPhone / iPad, Android and Linux Operating Systems (OS), the E5730 is ideal for any user no matter the device.

“For any user always on the move, connectivity is essential and the Huawei E5730 mobile WiFi modem with power bank is the ideal device to meet these needs. Features such as the power bank and multiple device connection provides users with extra functionality and convenience no matter where they are,” concludes Seedat.

The Huawei E5730 WiFi Modem with power bank is available immediately from DCC and selected retailers at a recommended retail price of R1 300.00 inclusive of VAT.