The South African IT industry is this week abuzz with reports about senior management changes at HP SA.

It has been confirmed that Frank van Rees, country manager and Enterprise Group lead, will be leaving the local operation and returning to Europe.

He will remain at his post until the end of the current fiscal year at the end of October.

There has been speculation about who may take over the lead role at HP SA, but Van Rees tells IT-Online there have been no decisions yet and the process of selecting a successor will begin now. Interviews will be conducted with both internal and external candidates.

Van Rees has headed up the South African operation on contract from Europe since January 2010.

He joined HP SA from the Netherlands, where he led the Enterprise Business sales team.

Van Rees was initially posted to South Africa on international assignment and was expected to return to Europe within three years, but has remained at this post for five years.

He says he has enjoyed his time in South Africa and will be sad to leave. However, he believes he is ready for a change and has accepted a new leadership position in HP EMEA.