Pan African telecoms operator, Gondwana International Networks (GIN), has announced that its iWayAfrica business will be partnering with managed services company, SevenC Computing to grow its foothold in key Africa territories.

The move will enable GIN and iWayAfrica to continue growing the brand throughout Africa.

Winston Smith, GM, terrestrial for GIN and iWayAfrica says that the partnership with SevenC Computing has already proved beneficial.

“We have seen great success in Namibia and anticipate excellent growth in key countries such as Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. There is great demand for level three managed services support as cloud simply cannot deliver on its own.”

Across the continent, customers are at risk from having obsolete IT systems. In addition, they generally have poorly managed IT services and very little in place with regards to backup and disaster recovery processes.

Darren Osbourn, MD, SevenC Computing says that customers are also overpaying for IT services and generally need better control of their IT systems and associated user activities.

“The African SME market remains challenged by the same issues as always, limited budget, lack of in-house IT skills and resources as well as poor quality of service.

“Together with iWayAfrica, we will be providing a much needed quality of service focused on the evolution, deployment and ongoing support of managed IT services.”

Smith says GIN is very excited about the potential of iWayAfrica’s partnership with SevenC Computing.

“We have packaged an excellent combination of software and infrastructure as a service, giving customers the best of the cloud with essential managed services on the ground.”