Today’s IT climate is all about freedom. Cloud computing has completely re-modelled the face of the modern enterprise with many businesses at least partly if not fully virtualised.

To realise the full potential of the cloud, cloud solutions need to be tailor-made for the enterprise. Enter NetApp’s vision of the Unbound Cloud, allowing movement and control of data across multiple cloud environments using NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP. Giving your enterprise access to data without limits.

“Enterprises can leverage a single storage and data management platform with NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP, enabling unrestricted and secure movement of data across public and private clouds, allowing for hybrid cloud architectures.

“NetApp also guarantees that existing data will be pared down by at least 35% and data storage requirements will be reduced by 50%. So enterprises will be able to do more with less,” states Dorio Bowes, business development manager at Comstor a Westcon Group company.

With NetApp storage and Clustered Data ONTAP you can balance public and private cloud resources to match your business needs with this agile cloud solution. A hybrid centre model spanning private and public cloud gives you elasticity, agility, and economy. NetApp’s hyperscale cloud solutions combine a fantastic storage operating system with innovative public clouds.

“Start with private cloud and evolve to a hybrid cloud environment while retaining the proven storage efficiency, availability and scalability that Unbound Cloud offers the enterprise. Its integrated data transport and first-of-its-kind hypervisor translation offer dynamic movement of data and workloads across any cloud resources, creating a robust cloud solution that boosts IT efficiency and avoids vendor lock-in,” adds Bowes.

Unbound Cloud helps enterprises to meet compliance requirements with ease while enabling integration of NetApp’s enterprise-class data management with public cloud services that offer speed, flexibility and economy. Leverage open-source options to provision and manage cloud resources with CloudStack and OpenStack.