Today’s business market demands that operators ensure their human resources (HR) are effectively managed, agile, technically proficient and positioned ahead of the development curve. This is the view of HR and recruitment specialists at Accsys, who say that HR processes and procedures have evolved to ensure that this business discipline dominates the corporate management strategy.

Whereas in the past HR was often seen as ‘just another element of the broader business management strategy’, the advent of mobility, social networking, regulation and data has changed the dynamics.

Accsys’ message to the market is that a carefully managed HR component can mean the difference between a powerful, consistent and progressive business and one that will continuously battle to sustain itself.

Most businesses, irrespective of industry or sector, are data-intensive and reliant upon technology to streamline operations, automate processes and reduce costs.

Decision-makers are compelled to make sure HR is up to the task in an environment that is based on collaboration, unified communications and the need for effective protection of information.

When it comes to a breakdown of the top influencers on HR development and application, mobility and the cloud stand out.

“HR has matured and is now considered a major priority. It is central to operations. Automated systems interlink with mobile devices and applications to provide immediate services to users. Offerings like Employee and Employer Self Service are now available on multiple platforms and on devices via the cloud,” explains Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys.

It shows that businesses today simply cannot afford to side-line HR and its influence on business.

“There is a great deal more involved than just managing people properly or safeguarding the integration of systems with people and skills development, for example. Today, aside from the traditional requirements, HR management calls for a thorough review of processes and procedures, the need for a clear social media strategy and consideration of developing issues such as mobile device management,” Schroenn adds.

Accsys specialists also point out the significance of trends like employers checking on sites like Facebook and Twitter to acquire more information about a potential employee, as well as a more balanced approach to BYOD and BYOA.

Companies and organisations are familiar with the need to have a comprehensive, all-inclusive HR strategy that is aligned to- and fully supportive of the business.