Telkom has announced the disciplinary hearing involving suspended chief financial officer, Jacques Schindeh├╝tte, on a matter of personal misconduct is scheduled to resume on 6 August 2014. This follows a long adjournment agreed to by both parties.

In the interest of ensuring a fair process, all parties to the confidential disciplinary hearing are constrained from discussing the matter outside the hearing itself or commenting on its content to third parties.

This applies to responding to queries relating to matters that have been raised in, or are part of, the hearing. Telkom respects this process and is therefore not in a position to comment on any details related to the matter until the outcome is decided.

Telkom is committed to following the correct principles and processes to ensure that the hearing is conducted in a fair and dignified manner which meets all legal and governance requirements. The outcome of the hearing will also follow the prescribed board processes, before being communicated publicly.

In the interests of transparency, Telkom is committed to communicating the outcome once all required legal and governance processes have been followed.

The company hopes that a definitive resolution on the matter will be forthcoming upon the conclusion of this session.