MTN Business has introduced its enterprise mobile management (EMM) solution that enables corporates to effectively manage and secure mobile devices, data, and applications within their businesses.

“With employees bringing their own devices to work, companies need to ensure the integrity of their corporate data while allowing employees to store personal data and apps on their corporate mobile devices. With this EMM solution, MTN Business gives the control of enterprise data back to the company while maintaining the safety of confidential company information,” says Kanagaratnam Lambotharan, MTN SA chief enterprise business officer.

MTN Business’ EMM solution allows for the management of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. It also provides organisations with a platform that enables and maintains compliance with regulatory and corporate policies, whilst simplify the management of personal and corporate-owned mobile devices.

“The consumerisation of technology has resulted in many benefits to organisations. However, some might feel that this has led to the business losing control of IT while complying with the demands of employees. One of the biggest concerns around the BYOD environment is what would happen if the mobile device is lost or stolen? MTN Business’ EMM solution has been designed to give an additional layer of security that protects the company data of should any such event occur,” says Lambotharan.

Lambotharan further states that the new world of business requires organisations to be more flexible in adopting new policies but this could lead to inherent security issues.

The MTN Business EMM solution not only keeps mobile devices secure through features such as password locking, remote wiping, and geo-location, but it also keeps data encrypted while in transit. It is also compatible with conventional IT security tools like firewalls, proxy servers, mobile gateways, and network access servers, and can be completely managed from the cloud.

Its Mobile Management Console provides the IT department with an efficient way of managing numerous mobile devices across the network. The built-in dashboard, reporting, auditing, analytical, and compliance tools provide an added layer of control and accountability.

The profiles are separated and are independent of each other allowing the IT department to manage the work profile while the user retains their privacy and access to the workspace.

“It has become increasingly easy for a company to lose control of its data when an employee leaves the building. EMM allows for the creation of multiple profiles for the same subscriber. This work and personal profiles are kept independent with the work profile managed by the IT department, while the user has privacy and access to their personal workspace.” Lambotharan concludes.