NETCB, a certified and preferred partner for SEP in Africa, has introduced SEP sesam, an intelligently designed backup and disaster recovery solution that is “set-and-forget” technology. Companies can now protect their data quickly and efficiently with SEP’s secure backup, restore and disaster recovery solution.

SEP sesam is a comprehensive, single backup solution that integrates seamlessly into any environment without any interruptions or data loss. It can backup to anywhere, onsite or offsite, including any remote location, locally owned physical location, cloud or privately hosted facility.

With its multi-streaming technology, SEP sesam leverages full network capabilities to utilise multiple, simultaneous backup streams to provide the fastest transfer rates and the most efficient backups possible.

NETCB CEO Cobus Burgers says deduplication and replication capabilities across distributed locations. “Migration of data is scheduled automatically, regardless of storage technologies. The flexible backup and recovery of all common operating systems, virtual environments and hypervisors along with a multitude of applications and databases is realised absolutely reliable in over 50 countries.”

SEP Sesam has once again proven its design and functionality is second to none in the Microsoft space. Its innovative features allow for the backup of not only all physical and virtual environments but offer the capability to have the same backup functionality in the cloud as well.

“By backing up all important hypervisors including Hyper-V, VMware and XenServer, SEP sesam delivers the first Double-Triple Play in the backup world,” he adds.

SEP sesam enterprise backup and disaster recovery software has continued to remain top of its league and been the undefeated first choice for huge global customers like Bank of Cologne, CRDB Bank in Tansania, Mpumalanga Provincial Government, Georgetown University, Space Research Institute (SRON) and Katun Corporation among others.

GroupWise users worldwide are using SEP sesam for their Novell GroupWise backup and disaster recovery needs. SEP’s flagship solution, SEP sesam, backs up all Novell GroupWise e-mails, calendars, tasks and other items on a regular basis and ensures uninterrupted access to all GroupWise servers.

SEP sesam’s DataStore and Virtual Tape Loader options increase flexibility and performance for system backups and data security. In optimised systems, backups exceed multiple TeraBytes per hour.

“Daily maintenance requirements are less than one hour with SEP sesam and full e-mail notifications are supported with optional scripted activity based on results. It can also be configured to send industry standard SNMP Management Traps to a network management system,” he explains.

The mean time to recovery with SEP sesam will perform at theoretical maximums of the hardware involved, like no other software on the market today.

“Eliminate the worry of losing data or valuable user e-mails,” he says. “SEP sesam can restore individual e-mails and objects with ease. It also offers unrivalled functionality for all Novell operating systems and applications, including Filr. All legacy formats are supported, including the newly-released GroupWise 2014.”

SEP sesam reliably backs up mission-critical data enterprise-wide, regardless of operating system or company infrastructure. This backup solution is certified for both physical and virtual environments and can be installed and deployed in a matter of hours.

With SEP sesam’s patented multi-streaming technology an unlimited number of servers can be backed up on one storage device, including tape, or on many storage devices simultaneously.