PVision, a South African manufacturer of display technologies, and One Digital Media (ODM), the largest digital signage company in South Africa, have successfully provided and installed over 5 000 digital menu boards in 608 KFC stores across South Africa.

Half a decade ago, KFC developed a strategic plan to replace all print menu boards with digital screens, ODM procured and installed its own digital menu boards in 10 KFC stores as a trial run.

After seeing the success of the pilot project, KFC decided to enlist PVision and ODM to supply digital menu boards for all their stores in South Africa. Today, this project is now seen as one of the largest digital menu board networks in the world.

“In the past, any new additions, or tweaks, to the menu would require a complete new print. This process would prove to be both time-consuming and costly – plus, your customers wouldn’t know about the changes until the new menus arrived,” says PVision Director, David Ross.

ODM network director, Marcel Broodryk, adds, “Now, with a touch of a button, the screens can be changed and updated instantly. With over 27 different layout possibilities, that includes portrait and landscape options – and even soda fountain, breakfast, or 24 hour store layouts – the content can be laid out and managed effectively from a central point.”

Broodryk believes that projects such as this one could pave the way for other retailers to see the key benefits of digital signage.

“The biggest notable benefits are how it enhances the in-store retail experience for your customers and allows you to manage content in an effective and efficient manner. Also, it’s environmentally-friendly and allows businesses to eliminate unnecessary paper wastage.”

Ross agrees with Broodryk, adding, “Digital signage presents the perfect solution, because it’s attention-grabbing, allows for diverse content types and is fully customisable. It is, without a doubt, the future of retail marketing.”