MMD, the brand license partner for Philips Monitors, has launched the new Philips 4K UltraClear UHD display.

The ultra-HD display boasts a resolution of 3 840 x 2 160 pixels: four times as many pixels as full HD.

On the entertainment front, viewers can stream movies, play games or browse and edit photos in more detail. They can look forward to more 4K TV content coming on-stream in the near future.

Business applications can scale to ultra-HD, which delivers more room to spread work out on the screen.

The Philips 4K UltraClear UHD Display offers high-performance features engineered to enhance and complement the ultra-HD resolution. With a response time of just 1ms, the monitor is one of the fastest 4K displays on the market, and has calibrated support for over 1-billion colours.

The display supports MultiView, enabling users to connect and view two streams simultaneously. The DisplayPort 1.2 digital PC-to-Display link supports data transfer speeds of up to 10,8Gbps, for faster imaging and refresh in both office apps and movies.

The HDMI connection is MHL-enabled, meaning users can connect mobile devices such as smartphones and enjoy mobile content in HD quality on the big screen. And with Super Speed USB 3.0, viewers enjoy fast USB transfer.

To ease desk fatigue, the new display features a Smart ErgoBase, so it can be lowered almost to desk level for a comfortable viewing angle. The low bezel-to-table height delivers a perfect viewing experience for people who use bifocals, trifocals or progressive lens glasses for screen work. The base also helps manage cables neatly, minimising clutter on the desktop or in the living room.