Stratus Technologies has partnered with the Linux Warehouse, a pure value-added distributor of enterprise open source software for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. The collaboration will see Linux Warehouse taking everRun Enterprise®, a next-generation software availability defined solution for downtime prevention, to the African market.
Brendan Widlake, Business Development Executive at Stratus Technologies, believes the partnership is a natural fit. “Stratus has been delivering always-on availability solutions for critical computing needs for over 34 years, and everRun Enterprise is our latest software based availability offering.
“Designed to deliver mainframe-like availability to virtualised workloads, everRun Enterprise uses Linux based hypervisor KVM to keep Windows and Linux applications always-on with no changes to the applications needed. As the leading specialist open source software Distributor in Africa, Linux Warehouse understands this world extremely well,” he comments.
In addition, Widlake believes the partnership will do much to unlock specific market partnerships across southern Africa. “Through the Linux Warehouse our aim is to make high-quality, affordable open source availability solutions available to specific sectors on the continent that rely on mission critical applications or for whom downtime is not an option.
“We are confident that the reputation and expertise of Linux Warehouse will greatly enhance our reseller channels and assist us in both growing and servicing our customer base in Sub-Saharan Africa,” he says.
Russell Gill, GM at the Linux Warehouse, says that the everRun Enterprise product is a natural and logical fit within the EOS environment. In this day and age, while most IT professionals are prioritising high availability, the everRun product takes it a step further. Here it also considers fault tolerance in identifying and pre-warning the IT administrator of a potential system fail over, essentially bringing the mindset that prevention is better than a cure into the IT environment. This type of forward thinking is what value added is all about and The Linux Warehouse is proud to associate and align themselves with everRun Enterprise® to service the IT environment going forward,” he says.