Quintica customers can now combine data from their operations management and capacity optimisation solutions along with BMC’s new operational analytics TrueSight product family, to derive a better view and deliver critical insights into IT operations. 

Locally customers are starting to demand more from their IT departments, as a direct result of the “consumerisation” of IT in the business environment. While this is making IT more complex to manage and is encouraging users to “use” their own devices, it is forcing the hand of IT to be more priorities driven – helping where the most business value can be derived.

“IT knows it needs to serve its customers. What they need to know is how to serve them, what they expect from IT and where the gaps in this service delivery exist – which is where the new IT data analytics capabilities from BMC steps in and helps improve the user experience, optimise service levels, and reduce ownership costs,” states Kerry Evans, managing director Africa at Quintica.

Evans adds that IT can no longer live in its own glass house and continue to operate in a vacuum. There is a very real opportunity for IT to be the business enabler they have always aspired to be. BMC TrueSight enables IT to combine performance, availability and analytics together in one well-integrated, user-friendly platform.

The result of which is a solution that enables IT to better optimise application services for business and create end-user value through the provision of what BMC terms “actionable” intelligence.

In short, the BMC TrueSight suite delivers a comprehensive, integrated solution that can seamlessly monitor and analyse complex IT environments while supporting business priorities and service-level objectives.

It addresses past events through root cause analysis, present activities through realtime analytics, and future needs through integration and planning. According to BMC it also provides a flexible architecture, consistent navigation and reporting across products with a modernised user experience that includes on-the-go mobile access.

The TrueSight family is predominantly made up of two components, namely TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) and TrueSight Capacity Optimisation (TSCO). TSOM is an analytics-driven performance management solution that proactively identifies and resolves availability and performance issues across hybrid IT environments.

While TSCM monitors usage patterns across networks, databases, storage arrays, and more within distributed, virtual, hybrid, and cloud environments. It then forecasts and optimises data centre resource capacity, saving money and increasing productivity.

The two together create the perfect partnership for capacity planning and management and true business intelligence and information, all of which is available through a single console. The inclusion of IT Data Analytics integrates the promise of big data into the TrueSight infrastructure through a single unifying agent and lets IT collate data from multiple silos to create a single view of all operations.

“In this connected world IT needs to know what is happening at all times. Not just in the business, but also internally amongst its own operation. TrueSight delivers a much-needed analytics, performance and capacity based solution in a single offering.

“Now IT can manage user experience, optimise its own environment, manage costs and capacity creep, all the while delivering on its need to be a business enabler,” ends Evans.

TrueSight is available through Quintica with immediate effect.