Dell recently announced product integrations and innovations within its security portfolio that provide organisations with a high level of protection, and turn security into a business enabler.

Network security, identity and access management and governance, mobile security, endpoint security, and services are today’s organisations’ most critical needs as they fight to keep their networks and data secure, maintain compliance and drive business goals.

For those reasons, Dell now offers new integrated products such as the Dell Change Auditor for Cloud Storage with Dell Data Protection | Cloud Edition, and is the first to publicly demonstrate 120Gbps of deep packet inspection (DPI) next-generation firewall (NGFW) architecture.

These solution enhancements help change the culture of compliance within organisations, strengthen the overall security posture to enable easier adoption of technologies like cloud and mobile, and increase business agility, allowing customers to become more efficient and competitive in the marketplace.

The IT security market is highly fragmented, with dozens of “best-of-breed” solutions addressing narrow aspects of security. Often, companies end up with either a patchwork collection of security products from multiple vendors that have gaping holes between them, or monolithic security frameworks that are inflexible and extremely expensive to administer.

These frameworks operate separately from the business objectives, and still leave gaping holes that must be addressed with yet another security solution from yet another vendor.

Dell’s approach to security is based on simplicity, efficiency and connectivity that tie together the splintered aspects of IT security into one, modular and integrated solution capable of sharing insights and control across the organisation. It also makes security simpler, so that business users can manage the rules and policies, and end users can easily comply.

Dell delivers on this promise with the following new and updated offerings announced.

Integrations between products across the Dell Security portfolio now include:

* Dell Data Protection | Cloud Edition (DDP | CE), and Change Auditor for Cloud Storage gives you real-time protection, auditing, and alerting of data uploaded, modified and downloaded from popular cloud storage sites – with zero impact to end users. Customers can enforce greater encryption capability and IT control for organisations that need to broadly share sensitive data across the organisation through Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.

* New Dell Software Suite works seamlessly with Dell clients or across heterogeneous environments to simplify client security, management and delivery. This solution incorporates Dell Secure Mobile Access to facilitate mobile worker productivity, while protecting organisations from threats by enforcing access control policies that ensure only trusted users, devices and authorised apps are granted VPN access.

* Dell’s new password reset feature, soon to be included on all Dell Commercial Client systems, allows end users to reset their own PC password without having to contact IT. End users simply use the Security Tools Mobile App from their supported smartphone to generate a one-time password. This password securely enables access to their PC credential manager, which empowers them to reset their own passwords, making end users more productive and lowering IT spend for customers.

120Gbps of deep packet inspection next-generation firewall scalable architecture: The proliferation of mobile devices, use of cloud-based applications, and emergence of big data has caused traffic volumes to rise to unprecedented levels, driving demand for greater bandwidth. This means that the network security layer also must be highly extensible to support the largest of data centres’ bandwidth consumptions with near zero-downtime, at the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO).

Onsite at Dell World, Dell will give the industry’s first demonstration of 120Gbps DPI NGFWs for carriers and ISPs, a next-generation firewall scalable architecture that enables organisations to scale beyond 120Gbps DPI performance and gain network simplicity, highest security efficacy and resiliency to solve their most complex and demanding data centre operations — all at a low cost.