It has only been six months since M4Jam (Money for Jam) was launched in South Africa, but the microjobbing platform is doing well, welcoming new and returning brands to the platform as well as the new “Earn” button which makes it easier for brands to engage and jobbers to complete jobs.

Since its launch, M4Jam has successfully managed multiple campaigns for more than 40 of South Africa’s biggest brands, including TomTom, Le Creuset, Ster-Kinekor, TNS, Telesure and Shoprite, to name a few.

Chief jammer and co-founder of M4JAM, Andre Hugo, comments: “The response has been overwhelming and has given us valuable insights into the types of campaigns that our jobbers are proficient at, the quality of work that our community is able to produce and more importantly how real-time data monitoring has benefited the brands on platform.”

In 2015, M4Jam’s goal is to scale the business by working with more brands not only to ensure they get optimum insights from the platform, but also to keep providing the growing jobber base with opportunities to do easy work for easy money.

One of the big brands returning to M4Jam is TomTom. The navigation and mapping company was one of the pioneer brands on M4Jam, having seen the platform’s potential to assist in keeping its mapping solutions as up-to-date and as accurate as possible, in a time- and cost-effective manner.

TomTom initially used M4Jam to complete 7 500 point of interest (POI) validation jobs across the country. Following the success of this campaign, it released an additional 7 000 special places POI validations. It has just released an additional 13 000 POI validation jobs nationally.

Etienne Louw, GM of TomTom Africa, explains: “We found that the speed with which the M4Jam community completed the previous campaigns was remarkable, and we would like to tap into this again. Supplying our clients with the freshest, most accurate points of interest will always be a TomTom priority and M4Jam adds another way for us to maintain our mapping data for Africa on a daily basis to cope with an ever-changing real world.”

Meanwhile online classifieds company OLX is also coming on board. OLX South Africa country manager Stephen Ballot plans to use M4Jam to educate jobbers about how easy it is to create adverts and use OLX, launching a brand
activation campaign on M4Jam this week.

“One of our values at OLX is to be innovative and I believe M4Jam embodies this,” he says. “We are constantly looking for new ways to spread the value of online classifieds, using a captive and attentive market of potential sellers is a great opportunity.”

Brands on the M4JAM platform will also benefit from the new E(arn) button. Similar to the popular social networking buttons present on many sites allowing users to share interesting information socially, brands will be able to place the M4Jam E(arn) button on their digital properties. By clicking on this button it will redirect potential jobbers to a mobi-site where they will be able to find jobs specific to that brand.

An additional feature allows the jobber to share that they have done a job for a specific client and earned cash on M4Jam, across their social accounts.

According to Hugo: “Not only will these new features give jobbers new avenues to find jobs, but it increases the value that we offer to our clients, allowing them to showcase the role that they are playing in changing the market.”