Check Point Software Technologies, the largest pure-play security vendor globally, has introduced Check Point Threat Extraction, a new security approach that proactively ensures documents are delivered to a network with zero malware in zero seconds.

Attacks are evolving and increasing every day, however documents still pose one of the highest risks of infection for organisations. According to the Check Point 2014 Security Report, 84% of companies downloaded an infected document in 2013. Companies need to implement stronger defenses against these attacks.

The only way to ensure complete protection is to preemptively remove threats by reconstructing documents with known safe elements. Active content, embedded objects and other exploitable content are simultaneously extracted, and the document is then reconstructed without potential threats to provide 100% safe content. With Check Point Threat Extraction, organisations can protect themselves against both known and unknown threats.

“Because the traditional approach of protecting against infected documents by looking for malware and blocking it does not provide absolute protection, organisations need a way to preemptively remove the threat of malware altogether,” says Doros Hadjizenonos, sales manager at Check Point South Africa.

“With Check Point Threat Extraction, organisations can now defend their networks against threats with a radical new technology that delivers 100% safe documents immediately.”

In addition to receiving zero malware documents, organisations also need to know if they are under attack. Check Point Threat Emulation, Anti-Bot, Intrusion Prevention and Antivirus complement Threat Extraction by detecting malware, providing full visibility and event information to any attack attempts.