triVector and ITAMSA (Information Technology Asset Management South Africa) are delighted to announce their newly formed partnership, enabling South African companies to manage their Information Technology (IT) assets more efficiently and cost-effectively, maximising return on investment. 
By applying IT asset management (ITAM) best practices, IT can become a competitive differentiator while the risk of unforeseen events with significant financial impact is reduced. Up to now, the major barrier to ITAM practice and growth globally is the limited access to the knowledge and experience required to mesh IT asset processes with existing business and IT processes.

Also, with the lack in assessment tools that helps identify next steps to improve asset management objectively, companies are limited to particular vendors’ perspectives or the narrow scope of software compliance.

Encouraged by the dire need in organisations in South Africa for appropriate and integrated lifecycle management of IT assets, ITAMSA was established in 2012. As an affiliate of the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM), ITAMSA specialises in all aspects of the lifecycle of processes for IT assets in organisations of every size and industry.

Partnering with triVector, a specialist in business-, IT- and asset process management with an exceptional service delivery track record, ensures not only value-add in terms of process and lifecycle know-how but also piece of mind where it comes to service delivery.

“The past two years since the inception of ITAMSA has been exciting but also challenging. Over and above the adventure in bringing international ITAM best practice to South Africa, it is a satisfying experience to see how it benefits customers. However, as ITAMSA established its offering and footprint in the country, we recognised the need to improve its service delivery component, says Steve Klements, managing partner, ITAMSA.

“triVector brings a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise around processes and process management, specifically in the business and IT domain, and that together with their delivering capability and capacity enables ITAMSA to up our game and penetrate the South African market with excellence.”

ITAMSA’s core focus is around ITAM training and ITAM consulting, including both hardware and software business practices with unlimited access to IAITAM library of knowledge. However, it is with ITAM 360™ that ITAMSA makes a difference. It offers customers access to a practical performance model for assessment and planning, helping them to identify and solve all asset management issues.

With triVector’s partnership and investment, ITAMSA is the first company to provide training and consulting in three internationally certified courses, namely Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM), Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) and Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP), also known as the ITAM Foundation Course.

“Where it comes to IT asset management, triVector focuses on maximising benefits for customers such as improved process efficiency that results in time and cost savings while minimising related risks,” says Dina Jacobs, CEO, triVector.

“With a culture of customer-service and a focus on continuous improvement, we see this partnership as a dynamic development that will greatly profit our customers’ businesses as well as the broader industry in terms of knowledge acquisition. In line with international best practices, we are looking forward to providing services that will unravel process complexities and complement ITAMSA’s offering, exceeding customers’ expectations.”

This partnership that is jointly managed by both organisations was formalised on 1 March 2015 with triVector’s acquisition of 51 percent shares in ITAMSA.