VMware has announced growing momentum for VMware solutions and services among healthcare organisations looking to embrace the mobile cloud.
Using VMware vCloud for Healthcare and VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care, IT organisations have been able to offer the benefits of a modern IT infrastructure to help streamline and secure access to patient information, manage large amounts of patient data and device diagnostics, and improve overall patient care.

As the healthcare industry continues to become more collaborative and focused on expanded patient-centred care, VMware provides solutions and resources to IT administrators to cost effectively streamline processes and connect care across the world. With VMware Solutions for Healthcare, healthcare providers gain the IT and business agility to deliver better and more affordable care to everyone. Trusted VMware mobile and cloud computing solutions enable healthcare IT organisations to meet strategic goals, including healthcare reform, complying with industry regulations and improving patient care.

* National Physician Services (NPS) is a National Healthcare service company that provides a wide array of services to physicians, hospitals and healthcare organisations. Since 2003, NPS has been providing best-of-breed technology solutions to support the workflow of practices, increase efficiencies, fulfil regulatory requirements, maximise revenue, and enhance patient care. As a long-time VMware virtualisation customer, NPS was already familiar with the VMware vSphere platform and was attracted to the seamless integration provided by VMware vCloud Air. Since VMware also assists customers with HIPAA and HiTech compliance, NPS’ sensitive information stayed secure and met regulatory guidelines. Since using VMware vCloud Air, NPS estimates that it has saved $500,000 in data centre costs.

* Nevro Corp. was established with the vision of providing unprecedented pain relief to those suffering from low back pain and other challenging types of chronic pain. Scientists at Nevro are developing a new high-frequency stimulation technology capable of delivering waveform of up to 10 000 Hs, which holds the promise to significantly improve the role of spinal cord stimulation in the treatment of chronic pain. However, clinical trials, quality control processes, patient treatment and device diagnostics generate a tremendous amount of data, and Nevro did not have a single platform on which the data could reside. The company needed to consolidate its data infrastructure into a single cloud-based solution that would be accessible, flexible, and scalable while meeting regulatory requirements. Today, Nevro has an integrated IT environment through VMware vCloud Air. Data is hosted in one of the highly secure data centres VMware maintains, assisting with concerns about privacy and security, and the solution is easy to manage, giving Nevro’s IT staff the control they need.

* CoxHealth is a five-hospital organisation with more than 80 physician clinics in the region. Each facility offers a caring, highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment to meet health care needs. Its goal was to improve the healthcare experience to attract patients, clinicians and healthcare professionals. The organisation was able to achieve its goal by accomplishing several IT objectives including providing physicians with the choice to deliver CoxHealth’s critical applications more securely across all devices, reducing the cost and time of maintaining and supporting hardware devices (PCs), and supporting remote access to clinical environments for remote coders.

As a result, CoxHealth was able to deliver a consistent end-user workspace across all devices, implement an AlwaysOn Point of Care system to attract quality healthcare professionals, remove the need for physical PC management, and keep all data and IP safe and secure in the data centre using AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), VMware Horizon and VMware vCloud Suite. CoxHealth clinics are the only clinics in southwest Missouri accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations.

* Parkland Health & Hospital System is the primary public healthcare provider for the Dallas County area, providing care to indigent and medically underserved persons residing in the hospital district. Parkland uses multiple VMware End-User Computing solutions including VMware Horizon 6 and AirWatch EMM to modernise its IT infrastructure to better support clinical staff, patient care providers and IT administrators. Since opening in 1894, Parkland has grown to become one of the largest public hospital systems in the country, licensed for 861 adult patient beds and 107 neonatal patient beds, with more than 10 000 employees. Despite averaging more than 1 million patient visits annually, the system’s mission remains the same — Parkland is dedicated to the health and well-being of individuals and communities entrusted to its care.

Transform the cost, quality and delivery of patient care
IT has become an integral part of the patient-care contract. Healthcare IT organisations must enable always-available access to electronic medical records (EMR), drive new sources of revenue and plan for declining reimbursements. They must also comply with industry regulations while keeping data and protected health information (PHI) secure. VMware Solutions for Healthcare transforms the cost, quality and delivery of patient care to safely accelerate the transition to truly connected care. For information on the different solutions available, visit the VMware healthcare solutions page.

“Using the VMware vCloud Air platform, we now have the cutover capabilities to a mirror disaster recovery environment to ensure uptime for those critical systems our physicians use to treat their patients. This improves our ability to recover quickly from outages and allows us to reduce expenses from other technologies we used as contingency for any system issues. By utilising the vCloud Air Disaster Recovery technologies, we have reduced our existing Recovery Point Objective (RPO) by 74% and our Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by 90%.” — Bryan Graven, CEO, National Physician Services

“The vCloud Air performance has been so overwhelmingly good, the integration into our existing platform has been surprisingly simple, and the people are so helpful, it’s hard to imagine a better vendor experience. When you deal with a large company like VMware, it’s great to have that sort of boutique hand-holding support experience coupled with great products,” says Jeff Wilson, IT director, Nevro Corporation.

“The move to VMware Horizon 6 makes us more nimble, eliminates the inefficiency and overhead of PC workstations, and offers the benefits of centrally deployed and managed IT solutions. Aligned with our vision to ‘Be the best for those who need us’, virtual desktops and applications will give us the flexibility to initiate rapid changes to our environment, use our resources more efficiently, and reduce the cost to deliver quality healthcare, education and research,” says Bruce Robison, vice-president & CIO, CoxHealth.

“Healthcare organisations want the benefits of business mobility and cloud services but have the added challenge of implementing IT changes that meet the needs of the organisation and complies with industry regulations. VMware is not only a trusted expert in enterprise mobility and cloud computing infrastructure, we have specialised and validated solutions for healthcare that have been proven by customers to deliver value and innovation,” says Frank Nydam, chief technology officer, Healthcare Solutions, VMware.